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Foreigners’ rights

The Foreigners’ rights Department aims to contribute to the acknowledgement of foreigners’ and migrants’ rights [[1]] by improving their implementation.


To this end, the Foreigners’ rights Department proceeds through various types of activities:


  • Legal advice to foreigners;
  • Legal aid and assistance in the case of emblematic situations;
  • Elaboration of technical tools pertaining to foreigners’rights;
  • Dissemination of law pertaining to foreigners (Law Nr 02-03, family law, penal procedures, international agreements, etc) through the drafting of reports, studies, guides and the organization or contribution to training sessions;
  • Capitalization and analysis of the jurisprudence;
  • Links with partner associations and  Moroccan human rights organization in order to promote better access to rights without discrimination;
  • Sensitization, training and collaboration with legal stakeholders (notably lawyers) and Moroccan administrative staff;
  • Links with foreign embassies in order for them to ensure the protection of their nationals’ rights;

GADEM’s Legal Department offers input to the advocacy effort through analysis, observation and  legal assistance,  it promotes  building upon experience in the field of issues of breaches of foreigners’ rights,  and/or advances noted  against the background of implementing the Moroccan legal framework pertaining to foreigners’ rights.


In the present context, while migrants are lead to settle in Morocco or to extend their stay in this country, the reinforcement of the European Union’s migration policy and the Moroccan authorities’ lack of consideration for migrants have prompted GADEM to develop their work  in terms of legal assistance to migrants.



The team in the Foreigners’ Rights Department  work flexible hours, so they are not necessarily present during office opening hours.

Should you need to contact them for advice or legal assistance, please call 212 (0) 5 37 72 78 78 or send an email describing your situation and include your contact details (specially e-mail address and phone number) to :

[1] In the word ‘migrants’, GADEM includes refugees and asylum seekers (which does not prejudice the international definition of refugee in international law).