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GADEM actively takes part in various national and international  associations’ networks such  as the Moroccan and Maghrebi Social Forum (Forum social marocain et maghrébin), Migreurop or the Euro-African Migration Network (Réseau euro-africain sur les migrations).

This fieldwork and involvement with a large network of associations allow GADEM to ensure a watch function and to be responsive both in  their advocacy and the defence of legal situations referred to them.

Several cases referred  to GADEM fall within the field of expertise of some of their partners, and working in networks allows the mutualisation of resources and means, as well as quality follow up for persons submitted to breaches of their fundamental rights.

GADEM are aware that emergency work, although essential, is not sufficient, notably in view of the very limited means held  by support organizations, they thus give priority to advocacy and strategic action liable to contribute to eliminating causes for discrimination.

Such undertakings require concerted action which is carried out by networking at both the national level in order to promote the adoption of non discriminatory policies, and international level with partners acting in favour of a change in policies endorsed by European Union countries impacting the exercise of fundamental rights in departure, transit and host countries.