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Moroccan Confluence Department

For better living together in Morocco


GADEM’s Moroccan Confluence Department aims to take part in developing change in the way migrants and foreigners are seen,  to  encourage  encounters between all people living in Morocco in order to improve their knowledge of each other and so “improve living together in Morocco”, as well as to fight against discrimination and racism.


Work within this department is developed in connection with a group of volunteers: the Interculturality Group brings together  persons of all ages and origin, from all walks of life         (various regions of Morocco, Senegal, France, Italy, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, etc…). It constitutes the very core of this department, through its involvement in the thinking process, implementation and evaluation of its activities:


  • In order to fulfill its objectives, the Interculturality Group implements several actions:
  • Awareness-raising workshops on issues connected with interculturality, discrimination and migration aimed at a mixed audience;
  • Awareness-raising sessions and workshops on issues connected with interculturality, discrimination and migration aimed at a mixed young and older audience;
  • Organizing  specific sessions for  professionals and civil society players, with an aim to promote the learning of intercultural skills;
  • Development of educational and awareness-raising tools (awareness-raising booklet, educational packages, development of communication tools);
  • Organization of intercultural, artistic, sports and other events allowing all participants to engage in the encounter with each other and to take part, with an educational and sensitizing aim (Migrant’scène theater festival, football tournament, ‘Iftar-seminar’, etc);


Links with  partner associations, cultural and other organizations involved in similar issues;


Work with journalists to improve the way they deal with migration issues in the media;


Support for migrant initiatives:


  • Awareness-raising for a general audience 
  • Migrant’scène Festival – Rabat

Since 2010, GADEM and DABATEAR jointly organize the Migrant’scène[1] Festival in Rabat, with the support of the French Institute in Rabat, of La Cimade, and since 2013 of  the Swiss Development and Cooperation  Department (DDC).

It echoes festival migrant’scène, initiated and organized in France by La Cimade since 2006.

It aims to encourage interchange between various types of people living in Morocco, to be an opportunity to exchange  views and a forum for debate  around issues related to migration,  interculturality and the specific situation of Morocco as a country of departure, transit and destination.


  • Iftar-seminars

Since 2010, during the month of Ramadan GADEM organizes thematic seminars/debates around the time of the breaking of the fast, with an aim to gather people of various backgrounds, thus encouraging debate about issues which bring them together, and   getting to know each other better to improve ‘living together’.

Since their implementation, the Iftar-seminars have brought together families of mixed origin, young or confirmed artists wishing to share their art and culture, a group of women of from a variety of backgrounds, etc. First and foremost, this activity offers an opportunity to share and enjoy a  convivial moment!

[1] Migrant’scène is a non-translatable play on words : migrant  en scène : migrant on stage. (Translator’s note).