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Advocacy and documentation

The aim of the advocacy and documentation component of GADEM is to participate in respect for the rights of migrants and foreigners through awareness raising, communication and advocacy relayed at the national, regional and international levels.

The advocacy and documentation component is the central component of GADEM’s actions and feeds on the activities carried out by the Rights of Foreigners and Interculturality components through the work of analysis, observation and capitalization. This section brings to the attention of political decision-makers and national and international public opinion, the problems and causes of violations of the rights of foreigners observed and brought to the attention of the association and the progress made in the context of the application of the Moroccan legal framework on the rights of foreigners and on issues of access to the rights of foreigners in Morocco.

In order to meet this objective, the component sets up various actions:


production of reports, briefing notes, press releases and memoranda;

participation in civil society network actions at national, regional and international level for better information sharing and more effective advocacy;

implementation of advocacy actions for the upgrading of existing legislation and policies developed by public officials with the provisions of international law, in accordance with the commitments dictated by the international conventions ratified by the Kingdom of Morocco.