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  • «To train is to influence»

GADEM has developed a recognized expertise in terms of  training, support to structures and coaching trainees. Training sessions can be organized on GADEM premises or in other parts of the country, as required. Our association can implement training directly or provide trainer-training sessions. The training packages we develop are adaptable depending on your needs and the audiences targeted.

Our training packages can be updated according to evolving needs and are based on

  • An inclusive approach based on human rights
    • Practical exercises, group work, interactivity and co-construction
    • Concern about efficient collection and cross-checking of data in order to reinforce credibility, as well as to contribute effectively to the change in migration policies and to a greater respect of human rights.

    Training package – core training:
    • Migrations, What are we talking about?
    • International law and migration (including asylum) and migration policies
    • General legal framework pertaining to foreigners’ rights in Morocco

Training package pertaining to foreigners’ rights adapted to non-jurists’ needs


  • entry into Moroccan territory
    • residence in Morocco – residency permit
    • residence of non-status persons (irregular administrative situation)
    • voluntary exit from the territory
    • forced removal from the territory (deportation and return to the border)
    • asylum

    • personal status and family law (essentially civil status and mixed marriages)
    • migrant women’s situation
    • access to health care
    • access to education
    • access to justice and defence rights
    Training package for « better living together »

  • Intercultural exchange
    • Deconstructing prejudices and stereotypes about migration and migrants
    • Understanding discriminations in order to better combat them
    • Training in the use of the « Living together in Morocco » teaching kit

Training package about advocacy techniques concerning migrants’ rights

  • Adapting advocacy at a national level – knowledge of the institutional and cultural scene, entry points and adapting the message depending on identified targets, choice of strategies (sensitization, partnership, legal, etc)
  • Regional and international advocacy (international agreements and special mechanisms monitoring bodies), reporting and capitalizing techniques, advocacy coordination and networking, etc.)
    • Understanding the human rights approach
    – Introduction to data collection in order to document human rights breaches.

Specific training package for legal actors (expert level):

  • Introduction of legal appeals pertaining to foreigners’ rights (precautions to be taken upstream, case preparation, targeting, defence strategy building, etc.)
    • National legal framework, comparative law and jurisprudence (using legal decisions obtained by GADEM in strategic litigations, etc.)