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Maghreb, safe countries? Not sure

Maghreb, safe countries? Not sure

Berlin re-launches discussions on a draft law to register Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia on a A list of safe countries.


This bill would allow Germany, without having to justify the refusal, to expeditiously and systematically reject the asylum applications of persons who are nationals of these countries. The goal is to be able to return them more easily to their country of origin. This project, formulated by the German Ministry of the Interior and validated by the government, was submitted to both German Chambers (Bundestag and Bundesrat) for adoption.


In 2016, a first similar bill was proposed by the German Chancellor. Angela Merkel, and adopted by the Bundestag (Lower House). But in March 2017, the Bundesrat (Upper House) rejected it thanks to a mobilization of Die Linken (left) and Die Grünen (of the Green Party (Die Grünen) .The project did not receive the necessary majority


This procedure hinders the respect of the right to asylum (1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees) and derogates from the basic principle requiring an individualized examination of each asylum application in the light of the reality of the persecutions and the individual situation. can not be denied a priori on the pretext that the country of origin in question is presumed to be a so-called “safe” country.


In Morocco efforts for democratization and respect for fundamental rights are undeniable, but without, however, being part of a current, standardized and systematic practice.Some categories of the Moroccan population are particularly targeted, especially persons may be persecuted or prosecuted because of their sexual identity or the expression of their gender identity (art. 489 of the Moroccan Criminal Code), as underlined by the report of the Civil Council against all forms of discrimination, in its section “Discrimination based on sexual orientation, identity and gender expression”


Berlin reopens discussions on a bill to include Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia on a list of safe countries developed by the association Aswat.


لإhis decision of the German government comes barely a month after the heavy convictions against Hirak militants in the Rif region of northern Morocco. The Moroccan courts, pronounced very heavy sentences of up to 20 years in prison, against the peaceful protesters of this social movement (Hirak),


In this context of attacking individual rights and almost systematic denial of the right to a fair trial, Inscribing Morocco on a list of so-called safe countries of origin, questions strongly on the final design of the German government.


The GADEM condemns these political maneuvers, as well as the projects of the German government aiming at outsourcing the management of migration and of asylum, and recalls the right of asylum that it must be guaranteed for all, in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1951, and regardless of the country of origin.


The GADEM calls on progressive political parties in Germany and elsewhere, as well as support organizations for people in migration and asylum seekers, to express their rejection of this bill and to set themselves up as t against its adoption in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.


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