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Melilla, laboratory for the outsourcing of the borders of the European Union in Africa
The Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco materialize the only Euro-African land borders. They have long been areas of particular attention to migration policies aimed at curbing the flow of people to the countries of the European Union (EU). Ten years after the deadly events of 2005 – where live ammunition on both sides of the border had injured and removed the lives of at least eleven people attempting to cross the fence – of Melilla-Nador (neighboring Moroccan city) continues to be the scene of permanent violations of the fundamental rights of migrants, especially of sub-Saharan origin. An area where impunity seems to be the rule for the Moroccan and Spanish authorities in the practical implementation of the policies of repression of so-called clandestine migration.

The purpose of this note is to understand how the European Union makes the externalization of its borders in Africa sustainable through the use of the anchoring of the Spanish city of Melilla in Morocco and with what consequences.

This note was written by Elsa Tyszler, a volunteer sent by the Migreurop network in Morocco and hosted by the GADEM association for the year 2015.

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