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Migrant’scène Festival Tangier 2018

From the 5th to the 10th november 2018

Since 2010, GADEM and DABATEAR jointly organize the Migrant’scène[1] Festival in Rabat, with the support of the French Institute in Rabat, of La Cimade, and since 2013 of  the Swiss Development and Cooperation  Department (DDC).

It echoes festival migrant’scène, initiated and organized in France by La Cimade since 2006.

It aims to encourage interchange between various types of people living in Morocco, to be an opportunity to exchange  views and a forum for debate  around issues related to migration,  interculturality and the specific situation of Morocco as a country of departure, transit and destination.

[1] Migrant’scène is a non-translatable play on words : migrant  en scène : migrant on stage. (Translator’s note).

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