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release of the report of the “Civil Council against all forms of discrimination”

release of the report of the “Civil Council of fight against all forms”

Friday, May 4, 2018 at 11 am, the Civil Council of fight against all the forms of discriminations, organizes a press conference in Rabat (at the premises of the Prometheus Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, 16, rue New-york, Océan) for the release of its report on the state of play of discrimination in Morocco


This report, developed in a participatory manner by 13 Moroccan civil society organizations, identifies different forms of discrimination on Moroccan territory.


Through a cross analysis of the field data of these organizations and the national and international legal framework on discrimination, the report highlights discriminatory legislative provisions, contradictory legal texts between them, as well as discriminatory behaviors and practices that affect many people living in Morocco.


Access to fundamental rights is clearly hampered by systemic discrimination that may be multiple and / or compound in nature further undermining categories of people discriminated against on the basis of discrimination. different criteria as reflected in the contributions of the organizations.


In this context, the Civil Council to fight against all forms of discrimination, invites the media, political and civil organizations and all the actors / actresses interested by the subject to participate in this press conference.s of discrimination “

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